Flectr Reflective Frame Kit


Add some extra visibility to your bike with our new frame kit! Available in four different colors!

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senditgear velo canadien canada cycling bicycle

Flectr 360


"Ask any serious road cyclist why wheel reflectors are not part of their machine and the answer will typically revolve around two factors: they’re desperately unstylish and their weight and air drag hinder rather than help performance. The FLECTR 360, by being attached to the bicycle rim is solving this problem." - RoadCycling

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senditgear velo canadien canada cycling bicycle

Sendit Gear


Sendit Gear is a Canadian distributor of cycling and outdoor accessories. Our vision is simple: to be the supplier of products that dealers love to sell and consumers love to buy. We have a large network of retailers across Canada who carry and/or have access to the products we sell. Buy from them. They are your friends and neighbours, and they share your passion for cycling and sport. If you aren't close to a dealer, you can also buy on our online store

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