Bicycle Tire Maintenance

Bicycle Tire Maintenance

Riding bicycles is a popular option because of its light environmental footprint and the fact that it’s a cost-saving alternative to owning a car. It’s also a great way to get plenty of exercise, so you will experience a number of advantages. One aspect you cannot neglect is maintenance, and the tires, in particular, will require care as this will help extend the lifespan of your bicycle.

There are a few steps involved in bicycle tire maintenance, and the following tips will help you maintain your tires:

Make Sure Your Tires Have the Correct Air Pressure

You must routinely put air in your tires; otherwise, you can cause severe damage, so do not go for weeks without pumping more air into your tires. When the air is low, it will feel as though the wheel is constantly sticking to the ground, and you will feel very annoyed. Additionally, riding on tires that have low air pressure may damage your rims, and you will have to buy new tires a lot faster, so get into the habit of pumping air into your tires every time you go out for a ride. If this is not a possibility, do this on a weekly basis. Pinching the sides of the wheel is a great way to quickly check if your tires are inflated properly, as they should always feel firm to the touch.

Clean Your Tires

This is something you need to do regularly as it will prolong tire usage. Use a rag and warm water to remove all of the dirt particles stuck on your wheel, and do not use a hose for this step because too much pressure can damage the bearings. If there is a lot of mud stuck in your wheels, use a wire brush to remove it and then clean the rim of the wheel, as this will allow you to detect any rusted spots that will have to be lubricated. Routine cleanings will allow your bike to remain fresh, and it will maintain its shape as a result.

Use Suitable Tires

Consider the terrain and choose tires accordingly. Road bikes, for example, are not suitable for use in rough terrain because they are designed for use on flat surfaces. Riding this kind of bike on rough surfaces may cause your tires and rims to wear down, and this will increase the risk of a puncture.

Inspect Your Tires

Get into the habit of physically inspecting your tires because this will help extend their life. Make sure your wheels rotate smoothly without sticking, and when they rotate, inspect whether or not it’s wobbling or rotating straight. Inspections will give you the opportunity to notice any unusual aspects, and you will have the chance to get your bike professionally serviced.

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