Bike Mirrors Buyer’s Guide: How To Select And Use Them

Bike Mirrors Buyer’s Guide: How To Select And Use Them

Bike mirrors are one of the most important cycling accessories, yet a lot of cyclists neglect this component because they think it will spoil the appearance of their bikes. The reality is that bike mirrors can save lives, and these mirrors will allow you to monitor the vehicles behind you while safely changing direction, so they are a must.

You have to select the right mirrors, and in order to do this, you need to understand the different models that are available so that you choose the option you are comfortable with. Handlebar mirrors are the most common kind because they are the easiest to use, but you can consider helmet mirrors, eyewear mirrors, lens mounted mirrors and arm mirrors as well. The main difference between these options is the way they mount to your bike or cycling gear, and there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase. Consider the materials, its shape and the lens, as these answers will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing a sturdy material is a must because your mirror has to be reliable, and the right material will not break or become loose despite absorbing some of the vibrations. Most bike mirrors are made of plastic, and expensive models are made of carbon fibre, which is what is recommended for handlebar mirrors. Models that will be mounted on your helmet or eyewear should have a rod that is made of steel or other durable material. You also have to consider the material of the lens, and while high-quality plastic or resin is recommended, they can scratch, and clarity may be lost over time. Glass is the best option for bike mirrors because this material will maintain its properties longer.

In terms of shape, you will be able to choose between oval, round and rectangular options. Round models are the most lightweight because of the small dimensions, but oval mirrors are preferred for helmet or handlebar mirrors because they provide a wider field of view. This shape will also allow you to see the street behind you from several positions. Rectangular mirrors are the largest, although they are rarely used.

Choosing the best type of mirror will depend on your habits and preferences, so don’t forget to factor this into your decision. If you never leave your bike unsupervised, handlebar mirrors are great, but you should not leave your bike unattended because thieves can get to your mirrors. Helmet and eyewear mirrors are also great because they will stay with you at all times, but many people feel uncomfortable with this option, so you really have to focus on this aspect.

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