Bike Security Tips

Bike Security Tips

Cyclists rely on their bikes to get around and bicycle theft is a natural concern and something you want to prevent. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or a leisure biker, you have to be mindful of bicycle protection, so make sure you are aware of the following security tips:

Invest in a Reliable Bike Lock

You have to buy a lock that is safe because while this will not guarantee that thieves can’t get through, they will certainly have a more difficult time with this task and will likely give up. Do not use cable locks and choose U-locks or heavy-duty chains instead because these will offer you more protection. The use of two U-locks would provide you with additional protection because you would be able to secure the back part of the frame and wheel and would also be able to lock the front.

Do not Park Your Bike in Overcrowded or Isolated Places

Both of these environments can be dangerous, so try to park in an area that is well-exposed so that passers-by can easily see your bike. Parking your bike under a security camera would be ideal, so be picky when choosing a parking spot.

Register Your Bike

Many cyclists ignore this step but the process is simple and inexpensive, so bike registration is something you need to do. This would increase the chances of recovering your bike in case of theft and it’s an extra precaution you should take because it will provide you with peace of mind.

Bring Your Bike Indoors if You can

If you have room inside your house, park your bike indoors to protect it. This will allow you to have your bike with you at all times and you can look into bike storage solutions that are available in different sizes for different types of living spaces. This would prevent your bike from being in your way or taking up too much space.

Don’t Park in the Same Place Every Day

This would make it easier for thieves to steal your bike because they will know its exact location and the times when nobody’s watching it. Parking your bike in the same spot every day will essentially make the bike more accessible, so look for different spots so that you don’t attract unwanted attention.

Lock Your Bike Even if it’s on Your Balcony

You have to lock your bike anytime it's outside and this includes your very own balcony. Bicycle thieves can get very creative and a balcony will not stop them from taking your bike, so secure it by using a lock and cover it for additional protection.

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