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Cycling Safety Tips

People who are cycling must be visible at all times and must understand how traffic works so that they can protect themselves while on the road. Safety must be prioritized at all times, and the following tips will help you ride predictably so that you can remain safe every time you go out for a ride:

Wear a Helmet

This is extremely important because it can potentially save your life. Cyclists should never go bare headed because even though it’s not a guarantee that a helmet will save your life, it will certainly provide you with better odds in the event of an accident.

Make Sure You Can be Seen

Wear bright colours and reflective clothing and do not be afraid to stand out because this will work to your advantage. Cyclists need to be visible at all times, especially in the early morning and when it’s dark out so that pedestrians and cars are aware of their presence on the road.

Remain Alert at all Times

It is not recommended that you ride with headphones or an earpiece because you need to be able to hear everything around you. Additionally, you need to pay close attention to road signs and other drivers so that you can change lanes and make turns safely in the appropriate spots.

Install Rear View Mirrors

While cyclists should learn to look over their shoulders without swerving, mirrors will help a lot in this regard because they will allow you to see what’s behind you and you will be able to ride safer as a result.

Dress Appropriately

Check the weather forecast and dress according to this information. Breathable fabrics are great, as are sunscreen and sunglasses and waterproof gear. Dressing appropriately will allow you to ride more comfortably, so check the weather before you head out.

Try Different Routes

When cycling, getting to your location alive is a lot more important than getting there fast, so try different routes to see which ones are wider and safer. Some roads also have dedicated bike lanes, so this would allow you to ride with peace of mind. If you can, choose quieter neighbourhoods over high-traffic roads so that you can avoid chaos and bad drivers.

Carry a Patch Kit, Cell Phone and ID

It is very important to learn to patch up your own flat tire because this will prevent you from being stranded. The last thing you want is to be stranded in an unsafe or remote location, so carry a patch kit at all times along with your cell phone so that you can contact people for a ride if you are unable to fix your flat tire. A piece of ID is also very important because this will help emergency responders know who you are in the event of an accident.

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