How To Bike With Young Kids

How To Bike With Young Kids

Biking is an exciting family activity that is perfect for spring, summer, or fall! Biking allows you and your family to be active, enjoy the outdoors, and spend quality time with one another. Not every biker will have the same skill set. Experienced adults will have a much easier time with long rides than their young children, but that doesn’t mean biking with young kids is impossible. Here is how to enjoy biking with your young kids!

You can bike with your young children at any age, but how old your children are will determine the best way to bike with them.

1-5 Years Old 

When your children are between the ages of one and five, they will not be able to bike on their own. You can travel as long as you want because they will be able to relax the whole way. You will need some special equipment to attach to your bike. For small children, add a bike chair to the back of your bike. Strap them in and be on your way! Alternatively, add an enclosed bike trailer behind your bike. When you're out with your small children, make sure they are wearing the proper sun safety equipment like sunscreen, hats and helmets. Learn more about biking with babies here 

5-8 Years Old

As babies and toddlers age, you can teach them how to ride a bike on their own. Start with a bike that has training wheels and go on shorter biking trips. When children are learning, it can be a long process. Having patience is key to successful biking with young children.

8-10 Years Old

Once your children grow up a little bit more, going on longer bike adventures will get easier. By around age 10, they are ready to join the family and bike longer, more challenging routes.

Things To Remember When Biking With Children:


Hydration is key to staying healthy and keeping your muscles fueled. Always carry extra water when you're biking with younger children!


Bring some nutritious snacks with you on your bike rides. Biking can be exhausting and take a lot out of young ones. Refuelling along the way with a good granola bar or protein snack is always an excellent idea. 


Sun safety is essential, without proper suncare, you risk heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Along with sunscreen, pick times where the sun is not as strong.

They are young

Young children do not have the same kind of stamina as adults. They will likely get tired faster than you and need to take breaks. Pick a route where you can stop for a bit and enjoy the view, water, and a snack!

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