How To Choose The Right Child Bike Seat

How To Choose The Right Child Bike Seat

Biking is a great way to get around the neighbourhood or city and enjoy everything nature has to offer. Adding a child bike seat to your bicycle is a great way to include your young baby on family biking adventures! Choosing the right bike seat is essential to a fun and safe ride for both you and your child. Here is how you can choose the right child bike seat.

Front Or Rear-Mounted?

Before you dive into any more specifics, you need to determine if you want a front-mounted seat or a rear-mounted seat. Both are acceptable options, though you may find one more appealing than the other. Front-mounted seats entail that your child sits in front of you and behind the handlebars. Your child’s feet will dangle and slip into foot rests on either side of the front wheel. Ideally, this is a good idea for smaller children rather than older ones. Rear-mounted seats will be secured to the bike frame or be mounted on the back rack. Your child will be front-facing, but behind you instead of in front of you. This offers more space and larger children may find it more comfortable.

How Much Does Your Child Weigh

How much your child weighs will partially determine the kind of child bike seat you need. As already touched on, larger children will likely be less comfortable in front with less leg room. Front-mounted seats are generally not recommended for children over 33 pounds. Rear-mounted seats have a little bit more room and can accommodate children up to 48 pounds (depending on the type of seat). Generally, seats can be used up until your children are about five or six years old. Consult your exact make and model, as well as your adult bike capacity.


What kind of comfort options does your child bike seat have? Is there padding on the shoulder straps? How about in the plastic seat? The more comfortable the seat is, the longer your child will be able to ride for. Make sure your child's legs are comfortable and that the bike seat has adjustable foot holders.


Look at the different accessories that are included with the bike seat. Are they for style, safety, or comfort? Determining which accessories are important to you will help you select the right child bike seat. Some bike seats come in different colours, others come with reflective bumpers for safety, and some come with additional padding to make sure your little one is comfortable all the time.

For all your child bike seat needs, check out the wide selection from Sendit Gear. Need help making your decision? Call one of our representatives or chat online for more specific information.

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