When Can You Put Your Baby On a Bike

When Can You Put Your Baby On a Bike

Biking is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors on your own, with friends or with your family. There are a number of different bike configurations designed to accommodate your biking style and companions. If you bike on your own to work every day, you will certainly need a different biking setup than a casual weekend biker. For many, biking with family is huge, finding out how to include the entire family on your biking adventure, babies included, can be a hurdle. Here is when you can put your baby on a bike.

When Can I Put My Baby On My Bike?

Babies and toddlers cannot physically keep up with full-grown adults biking. This is exactly why baby seats were invented for bikes. Mind you, it is not advisable to put a newborn child on the back of your bike. Newborn babies lack the essential skills needed to be a passenger on a bike. You need to wait until your child is around one year old. By this point, they will have developed the necessary neck muscles to hold their head up with a helmet on. If you want to include your child under the age of one on your biking trips, you should invest in an enclosed bike trailer.

What You Need To Start Biking With Your Baby

If your child will be riding with you on the back of a bike, there are a few necessary accessories you will need to invest in. Each is essential to safety and is not negotiable.


Both you and your baby need to invest in quality helmets. Helmets protect you in the event the bike were to tip over and you fall. Even the most experienced bikers may fall, there is no reason you should not have a helmet on your baby.


You will need to attach a chair to the back of your bike to accommodate your baby. Make sure the chair is not in the way of the wheels or gears. The chair should have a seat belt to keep your little one tightly strapped onto the bike. You can ensure your seat is securely attached by investing in the proper attachments.

When Children Can Start Biking

As far as biking alone goes, there is a wide range when it comes to children biking on their own. Bicycles are a lot different than tricycles. Bicycles require a unique sense of balance and other skills unneeded for riding a tricycle. You should wait until your child is around five to seven years old before you put them on a bike by themselves. They should be able to comprehend the rules of the road before they ride without supervision.

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