Collection: Gloves

Biking gloves are essential and are more than just an optional fashion accessory. This is true even for casual riders as there are many benefits that cycling gloves provide, and Sendit Gear will help you select the perfect pair for your needs. 

We have a variety of biking gloves to choose from, and our gear will help improve your overall riding experience. Gloves are a must for both safety and comfort, and cycling gloves are stylish and fun, but their primary purpose is to protect your hands so that you don’t experience blisters, calluses or general discomfort. Our gloves have padding and extra layers of protection to reduce irritation caused by friction, vibration and constant pressure on your palms and fingers. It’s also possible for cyclists to experience tingling or numbness from the pressure in their wrists, especially if you go on long rides, and our gloves will decrease this possibility. 

Shock absorption is another advantage that cycling gloves provide, so you won’t have to worry about bumps in the ground as the padding on your cycling gloves will absorb most of this impact, and your ride will feel smoother as a result. Shocks can also occur if you were to fall off your bike which can happen to anyone, and your gloves would help protect your skin and absorb the shock so you would not have to pick gravel out of your palms.

The grip is extremely important for every cyclist as this will ensure a smooth and stable ride, and our gloves will also help with this aspect. Cycling gloves will prevent sweat and fatigue from hindering your ability to grip. They are made with unique material, and you will be able to select the right gloves based on temperature and seasons. Different gloves are worn based on weather, and winter gloves are made with a thicker material that is insulated, so your hands remain warm, while our summer gloves are made with thinner fabric and expose your fingers. 

Our knowledgeable staff will make professional recommendations based on your needs, and we will help you select the perfect pair of cycling gloves. We will discuss every aspect, including warmth, protection, grip, and safety. If you are looking for quality bike gloves, contact us or look through our impressive cycling gloves today!