Collection: Helmets

Bike helmets are a must for every cyclist, and Sendit Gear can provide you with a quality helmet. This item will protect your head against impact, and our team will help you select the perfect one. We will go over sizing and will discuss the importance of wearing a helmet because we care about our clients and their safety.

Safety has to be a priority for cyclists, and we will help you try on different styles to select the right helmet. Visibility has to be considered as well when wearing a helmet, and we will go over all of these aspects. Road helmets, recreational helmets, and mountain bike helmets are just some of the available different types, and your purchase should be based on your cycling habits and the kind of riding you participate in. We will help you select the perfect style and will also discuss features because you will have options in this regard. Sizing adjustment, vent mesh guards, visors, and reflective details can all be included, but the first step will be to find the right size.

Getting a helmet that fits properly is extremely important because a poor fit will not offer you the protection that you need. The wrong size will also feel uncomfortable, so you must pay attention to this aspect and purchase the right size. Your bike helmet should never wobble from side to side, nor should it tilt from front to back. When you shake your head, it should not move and must stay level across your forehead right above your eyebrows.