Collection: Pedals

If you are looking for bike pedals, Sendit Gear has you covered! We will go through the different options we carry and help you select the right pair for you.

We understand that every rider has different cycling habits, which is why we offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. We will listen to your needs and make professional recommendations to make an informed decision regarding the pedal type that is best for you.

Bicycle pedals thread into the crank arms, and there are three main categories of pedals you can choose from: clipless, platform, and clip. This aspect is almost always universal in terms of compatibility, but we will confirm the thread size to ensure the pedals you select are right for your bike.

Clipless pedals would allow you to mechanically attach your foot to the pedal and are considered standard for road bikes and high-end mountain bikes. They are used in conjunction with cycling shoes, and a little bit of practice is required so that you don’t topple over while you are still attached to your bike. It is your cleat on your shoe that will lock into the pedal to hold the foot firmly in place, and you will be able to release your foot with just a small side twist. On the other hand, platform pedals would allow you to just step on and start riding and are the easiest type of pedal to use because no special techniques are required, and this type of pedal is commonly found on urban, BMX and mountain bikes.

Clip pedals will attach your foot to the pedal through a cage and strap, and while this option is not very popular, you would be able to attach your foot to your bike without having to buy special cycling shoes.