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Tires are an essential component of any bike. They support you and your bike frame gliding across the road. Bike tires range in prices from $75 to upwards of $150, but don't cheap out when it comes to quality. High-quality bike tires can help keep you safer and maximize your riding ability! Here is how you can pick the best tires for your bike on your own.

Types of Bike Tires

The type of bike tires you have will impact the way your bike performs on rides! There are two main types of terrain you will be riding on. Determining the more common terrain will narrow down your tire search!


Riding your bike to and from school or work? It is likely that you will be riding mostly on the road. To get the most out of your tires, you should look into tires optimized for typical road conditions and configurations.


Riding in the dirt generally means you have a specialized bike with different body dimensions. Having tires that can help you make it through off-road conditions is essential to bike longevity, especially for your personal safety!

Choosing the Right Bike Tires

Choosing the right bike tires will extend the life of any bike and keep you behind the handlebars longer!

  • How wide or narrow you need them
  • The wider the bike tires, the more grip you'll get on most surfaces. Wider tires also mean your ride might be a bit smoother.  For most riders, huge wide tires are not necessary unless you're riding on gravel, sand, snow, or very uneven surfaces. Check with us at Sendit Gear if you are very unsure about your tire width.

  • Grip/Tread
  • Just like regular vehicle wheels, the kind of tread on your bike tires will impact the grip on whatever terrain you are on. For off-road bikers, the wider the knobs 

    For road bikers, the less tread, the faster you will ride, but the harder it might be to stop or grip onto uneven surfaces. The safest bet for road bikers is semi-slick tires, this way, you have some grip on the road without slowing you down.

    How Sendit Gear Helps You Find The Best Bicycle Tires

    Regardless if you plan on riding your bike daily, or just once in a while, getting professional advice, expert service, and high-quality products is very important. A bike shop's advice can help you prioritize specific needs and considerations when it comes to value, your safety, and overall ride experience. The bike experts at Sendit Gear always prioritize your needs and consistently look for all the ways we can help you get the best tires for even better prices! 

    Don't forget to keep your bike tires inflated to the optimal levels. This can help keep your tires in the best condition possible and keep you safer during all of your rides. Make sure to pick up a digital pressure monitor with your tire purchase!

    For more assistance with your new bike tires, contact us today!

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