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When biking with a baby or young child, you will need a bike seat, and especially a great helmet. Choose the best option for you and your child with Sendit Gear’s wide selection of child ride-along bike seats and accessories. All bike seats come with an assortment of accessories already included to make the ride most enjoyable for you and your child.

Bike Child Seats FAQs

Which Child Bike Seat is Best?

This answer will depend on a number of factors, including your lifestyle, your child's weight, age, and the style of bike you own. We will discuss these details with you and make professional recommendations based on this information to make an informed decision regarding the child bike seat that would be best for you and your family.

What is the Difference Between a Front- and Rear-mounted Child Seat?

Front-mounted child bike seats will allow your child to be positioned in front of your body as the seat would be attached to the handlebars, bike stem, or top bar on your bike frame. On the other hand, a rear-mounted seat would be attached to the bike frame under the seat post or to a cargo rack, and your child would be positioned behind your body.

Should I Choose a Frame-mounted Child Bike Seat or a Rack-mounted One?

The first thing to note is that there are no safety differences between these two options because they are both tested and certified, so they meet the highest safety standards. A frame-mounted child bike seat uses a bracket to attach to the frame of the bike and has a bar that supports the seat and provides suspension. A rack-mounted child bike seat uses a carrier adapter to attach the child bike seat to a luggage rack that is already present.

At what Age can a Baby Start Riding in a Child Bike Seat?

It is generally recommended that your baby be a minimum of nine months old to ride in your child bike seat as this is the average age at which they can support their own head and neck. You can always discuss this matter with your pediatrician if you’d like further information or confirmation.

Are there Weight Limitations for Child Bike Seats?

Different brands may have different seat accommodations, although a front-mounted child bike seat can generally accommodate kids up to 33lbs, while a rear-mounted child bike seat can hold children up to 48lbs. We will discuss size restrictions with you in more detail when you visit our shop or contact us.