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Montreal Balance Board

Balance Board - Penny

Balance Board - Penny

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The balance board is a great tool to increase your proprioception, motor skills, reflexes, weight transfers and obviously your balance. When using a balance board, all your core muscles and lower body stabilizers are engaged. They are the perfect complement for all board sports devotees (snowboard, paddleboard, skateboard, wakeboard, surfing, wake surfing, river surfing etc.).

PENNY Model: Smaller and ideal for younger children under the age of 10 who want to gradually learn the concept of balance and weight transfer in preparation for board sports.

Its light weight makes it easy to bring anywhere like the cottage or at a gathering with friends and family. It’s also easily storable and portable. Our balance boards and rolls are made for outside and inside use. They are durable and resistant therefore will last for many years. Adapted for all ages above 10 years old.

The Roller

The included roller is very resistant and at the same time very light. They are designed with ABS plastic tubes. They can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds (150 pounds for the PENNY model). The rollers are washable after use.

The rollers are covered with an EVA PAD film which provides better grip for the board. This coating protects your balance board and your floor at the same time. PENNY rolls are covered with a rubber coating instead that is conceived to improve the grip of your balance board and to prevent your board from slipping on the roller.


  • Dimensions: 47cm x 23cm
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Made from high quality 100% recycled Russian birch wood

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