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CORKY X Sunglasses Rear-View Mirror

CORKY X Sunglasses Rear-View Mirror

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The CORKY X is a rear-view mirror that mounts on your sunglasses. Fitted with a small mirror, this eyewear accessory lets you instantly look behind you simply by glancing out of the corner of your eye. CORKY X comes with a universally retrofittable design that attaches to any piece of eyewear securely, comfortably, and in mere seconds.

The CORKY X features an aerodynamic form factor that allows it to cut through the air without bending or deflecting as you ride, a lightweight design (weighing 14 grams) that doesn’t cause your glasses to tilt, and an error-free, minimal-tolerance assembly that doesn’t vibrate or change angles as you ride on rough terrain.

The CORKY X mirror helps both commuters and race cyclists be much more conscious of their surroundings.

Key Features

  • Universally retrofittable design attaches to any piece of eyewear securely and comfortably
  • Zero vibrations helps maintain a great rear-view
  • Doesn't block your view of the road ahead
  • Lightweight - 14 grams
  • 360° Rotation

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