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Wet roads reduce traction and increase the risk of tire skid, especially in aggressive cornering situations. The Pontus tread is designed to force water away from the tire to road contact patch to provide optimal grip and confidence through rain and wet roads. All Pontus tires feature bead to bead Armis 2 flat protection to stave off road debris and avoid standing roadside in the rain. 

Especially in wet weather where traction is already compromised, quality tires can be the difference between finishing strong and not finishing at all. The Pontus features deep channels to move water aside and keep rolling through the storm.


Bead to bead flat protection with a double layer of aramid woven fibers across the entire tire for edge to edge sidewall protection with an extra layer at the tread for added debris resistance. 

Low Rolling Resistance Rubber 

Low rolling resistance 65a durometer rubber.

Bead + Casing 

Genus tires feature a folding aramid bead and 120 tpi (threads per inch) casing.

In The Box

Tubeless tires include 48mm valve and sealant. 

Clincher tires include Tubus innertube and 40mm valve extender. 


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