Xpand Grey Reflective Laces One Size Fits All

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Have you been blending in with the background as of late, and late at night? Be invisible no more with our Gray Reflective stretchy laces that keep you moving toward your goal without pausing for untied laces or unruly autos. Just install the Xpand® Lacing System and -- like magic -- the tension automatically adjusts to your feet. You can create a casual fit or a snug fit. Slip shoes on and off in zero seconds flat with our zero memory elastic laces and say "good bye" to unplanned shoelace malfunctions.


No more playing it safe. Playing it safe is for card games. There are times to try something new, and fashion is one of them. You should have footwear that reflects your fun-loving, bold approach to life. With gray reflective gear, you’ll add dazzle to your wardrobe. Sometimes life calls for shaking things up, and shoes can be a fun way to try new things and experiment with color if you’re a fan of the cool vibe gray reflective accessories provide.

Try out our gray shoe strings, and see what you think. Chances are, you’ll love them. They help you stand out, but they’re not overpowering. They allow you to show you’re a forward thinker when it comes to accessorizing. But they also reflect your practicality, because what’s not practical about shoes that actually fit your feet perfectly? There’s a lot to appreciate about well-sized shoes with our special laces.


If you’re an athlete, you know how important finding the right fit for your shoes can be. If you tie your shoes too tightly, you’ll wince to the finish line. But if you tie them too loosely, you may run right out of your shoe. Find a happy medium with our fun yet functional reflective gray shoe strings. Set them before you take off on a run, and you won’t get stuck readjusting them every half mile because they’re feeling “off.”

Athletes also love the other practical merits of our reflective gear. When you wear these shoelaces, others will see you on the road. This helps keep you safe even when you’re running on the streets or in a park where owners walk their dogs close to you.


Sneakers usually don’t go with the word “stylish.” But athletic shoes don’t have to be drab. By purchasing our reflective gray shoelaces, you’re showing a fun side of yourself that maybe hasn’t been unleashed on the tennis court, track or bike trails before.

Turn reflective gray into a trademark look. Use other accessories that mimic the fashionable color as well, such as:

  • Reflective gray pants
  • Reflective gray jacket
  • Reflective gray knit cap

No matter what the weather, you can stay comfortable with the right combination of accessories and attitude. Put a reflective spin on a classic look with our gray Xpand laces. Buy a few pairs today.



The gray reflective lace system includes...

  • 2 Laces
  • 4 Lace Anchors
  • 4 Lace End Clips

Completes 1 pair of shoes. 

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