Xpand Steel Laces One Size Fits All

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Your search for where to buy cool shoelaces is over. Just load our Xpand® Lacing System with zero memory elastic technology and lace locks -- and never go back to the old way of putting on your shoes again. Slip them on with perfect tension; they automatically adjust each time you take them on and off. We started our elastic shoelaces on Kickstarter and now we're up and running with athletes, pioneers and people on the move, just like you. Need an extra 150 hours of your life back that you would have spent tying and untying shoelaces? Join the no tie shoelace movement!


Are you always on the run? Whether you’re running for exercise or running from errand to errand, you need laces that will keep your feet comfortable, no matter how many miles you log. The unique fit of your elastic silver shoe strings means you eliminate any uncomfortable pressure points that can arise with regular shoelaces. They’re flexible enough to give you the space you need in the heel and toe, but snug enough to cushion your feet.

No matter the activities you enjoy, from walking to inline skating to playing Frisbee, our laces will go, go, go right along with you. They can save you time, too. Did you know you spend 150 hours throughout your life tying your shoes? That’s an awful lot of minutes bending down to tie things. Eliminate that, and you have more time to devote to fun. 


Shoe strings can be every bit the fashion accessory as bracelets or scarves. They dress up your feet, and they add an unexpected zip to your outfit. When you buy our elastic silver shoe strings, you get a classic yet flashy look that will draw people’s attention to your feet. Imagine their surprise when you explain you never actually have to tie your shoes — you just slide your feet right in.

Accessories represent a fun way to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. By wearing Xpand Laces, you’re not just getting practical footwear. You’re also making a statement about your ability to spot new fashion trends and find new ways to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.


Have you ever heard the expression “look good, feel good?” Athletes always want to feel their best. When they wear elastic silver shoe strings from Xpand, they look exceptional, and great performances follow. Athletes devote their time to thinking about how they’ll power past an opponent during a race or game, rather than worrying if their shoe is about to slip off.

Athletes in all different sports love Xpand Laces. We count cyclists, runners, roller skaters and hikers among our customers. They love us because:

  • Our laces come in reflective options
  • Our laces offer a snug, comfortable fit
  • Our laces can be swapped out easily to match uniforms

Try a pair of Xpand elastic silver shoelaces yourself to see the difference we can make.



The steel lace system includes...

  • 2 Laces
  • 4 Lace Anchors
  • 4 Lace End Clips

Completes 1 pair of shoes. 

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