Xpand True Blue Laces One Size Fits All

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Who's your True Blue shoelace 'til the end? Xpand® -- that's who. We started our elastic shoelaces on Kickstarter and now we're up and running with athletes, pioneers and people on the move, just like you. So, if you're tired of tying and retying untied shoelaces, load our lace locks Xpand® Lacing System with zero memory elastic technology -- and never go back to the old way of putting on your shoes again. Slip them on with perfect tension day in and day out!


No one has time to waste these days. Who wants to spend minutes messing around with their laces when there are other things you could be doing? Our convenient product can benefit many different people by saving time and hassle throughout the day. For example:   

  • Our royal blue elastic shoelaces are a dream come true for parents, who get tired of having to tie and re-tie their children’s laces over and over. Your kids will feel all grown up, too, when they can slip their shoes on and off without mom or dad’s help.
  • Athletes love lacing up their shoes more quickly, without having to worry about their true blue elastic shoe strings coming undone in the middle of the game, which can even lead to injury if they trip.
  • People who spend time outside at night feel safer knowing our reflective laces will signal their presence to oncoming cars or other pedestrians. Imagine wearing these during Halloween trick-or-treat or to a late-night summer concert.


Shoe strings can be a fashion statement. Set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd with fun, bright and noticeable laces. Whether you have a funky or a whimsical style, our laces will tell everyone you are fashion-forward and care about practicality as much as looks.

Whether you’re golfing, hiking, biking or roller skating, Xpand Laces offer the perfect way to stay in style while also protecting your precious feet. Buy a pair of royal blue no-tie shoelaces today.


The true blue lace system includes...

  • 2 Laces
  • 4 Lace Anchors
  • 4 Lace End Clips

Completes 1 pair of shoes. 

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